Jolly Rancher Turkey Suckers: Easy and Adorable Thanksgiving Sweets

Jolly Rancher Turkey Suckers

These fun Jolly Rancher turkey suckers are so easy to make you won’t believe it!

I’ll admit it – I thought making candy was super hard. And maybe it is when you’re making it totally from scratch.

Instead, Mary from Just Plum Crazy is sharing her brilliant recipe that repurposes candy to create these adorable turkey suckers!

It’s fun for everyone and the kids love eating them, too.

Jolly Rancher Turkey Suckers

These Jolly Rancher Turkey Suckers are part of the #12DaysOf Thanksgiving at

This is such a fun twist on the traditional Thanksgiving turkey!

With just a little adult help, this is a great activity to get kids in the mood for Thanksgiving (or to keep them occupied on the day of!).

You can also make a bunch ahead of time as a treat for your party guests. What a cute surprise!

They’re shockingly easy to make and are the perfect sweet treat for Thanksgiving (or Christmas or really just any time you want!). All you have to do is run to the store to grab some candy and the rest is just a little assembly.

If I recall correctly, you could even get most of the ingredients at the dollar store (though maybe not those candy eyes), which is a nice bonus!

All in all, this is the perfect fun Thanksgiving treat!

Head over to see the full recipe now!

What special surprises will you make for your Thanksgiving guests this year?

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