Letter to Baby #1 (12 weeks)

Dearest Little One,

You’re really in there! I saw you today, wiggling around and sucking your thumb. It’s almost starting to set in – you’re my baby. You’re inside me, growing and moving and so very much alive. When I saw your sweet little body and that strong heart of yours just beating along, it took my breath away!

I must admit, for some reason I was convinced you were going to be twins. Daddy will never let me live it down, but I wasn’t disappointed when we only saw you. You’re more than enough for us.

The first look at our beautiful baby- the 12 week ultrasound.

I can’t believe how big you already are. Every week, Daddy and I sit down to learn how big you are. You’ve gone from one tiny cell to a pea to a grape – it’s crazy that you’re already the size of a peach!

Despite how sick I am – and believe me, baby, you’re making me feel very sick! – know that we already love you very much. I spend a lot of my day imagining you, wondering if you’ll be a boy or a girl, picturing your eyes and your smile. Daddy can often be found talking to you through my belly, and seems to think my belly button is a direct microphone to your ear! Your grandparents are very excited, too. Meemaw was especially happy to see the first pictures of you on her birthday.

You’re so big but still so little. I only have the slightest of bumps, which we call my “ate too many burritos” look, but I cherish it so much because it’s proof that you’re in there. We tried so hard for so long – you are so wanted and adored! It was agony keeping you a secret from so many people, but now that we can announce you to the world, I will never stop talking about you.

The beautiful necklace to represent our new family of three!

I was also so happy to finally show off the beautifully touching necklace your daddy got me for Valentine’s Day. It has three hearts – one for Mommy, one for Daddy, and one tiny, sparkly one inside the others. That one is you. The tiny, sparkly little baby growing inside me; the hope and real representation of our future.

Take your time cooking in there, little peach. We can’t wait to see you, but we can wait if it means you come happy and healthy.

We love you, little one.

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