Make Your Own DIY Moon Sand

This DIY moon sand is quick and easy to make. With only a few supplies needed, it’s much less expensive than the store-bought kind too. This is a fun sensory activity the kids are going to love.

They can just squish and move it around as they please or bring in some toy construction vehicles or sand toys to use with it. My grandson asks to play with this again and again!

Make Your Own DIY Moon Sand

DIY Moon Sand


6 cups cornstarch

1 cup coconut oil

4-5 drops of food coloring (if desired)


1. Gather all the supplies you need.

2. Add all the supplies to a Ziploc bag. Remove all the air from the baggie and seal it.

3. Carefully mix the ingredients. Once it starts to get harder to mix from outside the bag open the baggie and mix by hand to create the moon sand.

4. If moon sand is too dry add a small amount of oil and continue to mix. If the moon sand is too wet add more cornstarch and mix until the desired texture is met.

5. Store in an air-tight container or plastic baggie.

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