How To Prepare Your House for the Arrival of Your New Pet

Are you adopting a new pet to bring home? Congratulations! Before you do, you’ll want to get ready for the big day. Whether this is your first or fifth pet, our guide will show you how to prepare your house for the new arrival below!

How To Prepare Your House for the Arrival of Your New Pet

Stock Up On Food and Essential Supplies

First, you want to be prepared with all the necessary supplies and essentials a pet requires, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, lizard, guinea pig, or any other furry friend! Before you bring the pet home for the first time, ensure you’ve got quality food waiting for them, along with critical care supplies like a leash, brush, toys, sleeping area, crate, and cleaning stuff. Having all this stuff from the start will save you the stress and anxiety of needing supplies at the last minute.

Designate One Area of Your Home for Pet Stuff

As you can see, you’ll need a lot of supplies and stuff for your new pet, so it’s imperative to keep it all organized. A good place to start is to designate one room in your home for all your pet stuff—the entryway, mudroom, laundry room, garage, or wherever else you have the space. Once you’ve determined the space, you can get creative with organizing your pet supplies by utilizing versatile storage options and vertical organizers. Having all of this in one place will make it much easier to find what you need when you need it instead of searching the whole house!

Prepare One Room Just for the New Pet

It’s also wise to designate a space in your home for the new pet only. This is especially recommended if you have other pets that you’ll be introducing the new addition too. When introducing new pets to your current ones, take it slow and have a space where the new pet can feel safe and away from all the commotion. This can be as simple as a crate or pet bed tucked away in a quiet corner or a room that doesn’t see much traffic. You can expand their introductions to the rest of the house as they get more comfortable.

Hide Valuables and Potential Hazards

This is especially wise if you’re bringing home a new puppy or kitten, as they can be curious, adventurous, and reckless as they get comfortable in their new surroundings. You’ll want to take anything off the floor that a puppy could chew, like shoes, handbags, and anything potentially dangerous, like cleaning chemicals and electrical cords. For new cat owners, you’ll probably want to remove any prized art or pieces from exposed shelves for when your kitten starts climbing everywhere!

We hope our guide helps prepare your house for the arrival of your new pet! Whatever the animal, it’s always best to prepare their space first—it’ll mean less stress for the new pet and your household!

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