You know what was my favourite part of Valentine’s Day? Celebrating at school. Getting cards for all my friends, sharing treats…just the general atmosphere. Valentine’s Day at school was a day when everyone dressed in pretty colours and was nice to each other just for the sake of being nice to each other. It sometimes didn’t last long, but in that moment it was glorious. (Plus as with any special day in school, you normally put aside your normal lessons and topics and did at least one or two fun things. Like art. I liked art.)

Me and Mr Anderson on our first Valentine's Day (2011)
Me and Mr Anderson on our first Valentine’s Day (2011)

Valentine’s Day is still a great day, especially when you have someone to love. Yes, I am partially talking about Mr Anderson, but I also mean family. When I was younger, my ‘Valentine’ was always my mom, and I couldn’t have wished for anything else. Now that I’m older, not only do I have Mr Anderson around, but there’s all the younger members of the family to spoil as well!

Having my little cousins around helps me see Valentine’s Day through their eyes, go back to those days of sweeties and cards passed from desk to desk. To help get in the spirit and show my cousins my love, I wanted to make them a little card like back in the old days. One of the things we bond over most is our love for Pok

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