Popcorn Witch Hands: Quick and Easy Dollar Store Halloween Treat

A few years ago, I happened to stumble into our local dollar store and was amazed at the Halloween decorations! After living in England, where Halloween – my favourite holiday tied with Christmas – is somewhat acknowledged but just not done the same way, I’d almost forgotten the glory. While wandering the aisles, I remembered a snack Mom used to make back in the day – Popcorn Witch Hands – that I just had to have!

Popcorn Witch Hands are a quick and easy dollar store Hallowe'en treat from GagenGirls.com

These witch hands made great treats for having around the house, but we also used them as fun trick-or-treat options. They were also popular with both her students and my classmates.

So naturally, we were making these Popcorn Witch Hands quite frequently and usually in big batches. Thank goodness they are quick, easy, and ridiculously inexpensive.

In fact, I bought everything I used for these Popcorn Witch Hands from the dollar store. That’s right, I found everything I needed there; no other stops were necessary!

Depending on how many you’re making, these Popcorn Witch Hands could be made for as little as $5.

If you’re looking for a super easy, fast as lightning, and unbelievably inexpensive Hallowe’en treat, look no further.

Popcorn Witch Hands are a quick and easy dollar store Hallowe'en treat from GagenGirls.com

Popcorn Witch Hands Halloween Treat


Supplies from the dollar store to make popcorn witch hands

As I said before, everything I needed for this wonderful Halloween treat was found at my local dollar store. Those items were:

  • Clear plastic gloves (latex-free, no powder on the inside – that’s where the food is going!)
  • Candy corn
  • Popcorn (see below)
  • Candy bracelets, ribbon, elastic bands or twisty-ties (to keep the gloves closed)
  • Plastic Halloween rings

Now, for the popcorn, it’s cheaper to get the kernels and pop them yourself, but it’s faster and easier to buy pre-popped.

There’s also the flavour to consider: while I prefer eating butter flavoured popcorn (and used it for this post), some might prefer plain or white cheddar flavoured due to its white colour.


Witch hand made of popcorn and candy corn

Lay out all your equipment – into an assembly line if that helps – so that you can essentially just grab and go. It will go so quick and smooth if you do it that way!

For your witch, her hand and fingers will be the popcorn, with candy corn as the fingernails. The rings can slide on her fingers and the bracelets can tie up the gloves to keep it all together.

Sometimes I like to go one finger at a time for the witch hands. I at least usually do the thumbs separately, since they’re at a different angle in the gloves.

What you want is the candy corn “fingernail” held in place (as best as possible) by the popcorn “finger”. I find it doesn’t work as well if the candy corn is more in front of the popcorn, you really want the popcorn more underneath and wedged into the candy corn.

An image showing the placement of the candy corn inside the finger of a plastic glove with popcorn holding the candy corn in place

Get the candy corn situated and the fingers filled and set up first, then fill the rest of your gloves. Leave just a little bit of the glove at the opening so that you can gather it up and tie it closed. I used the candy bracelets for an extra Hallowe’en bonus.

Note: the candy bracelets might not be as secure as other options, so keep that in mind depending on how you’re going to be handing out or using the Popcorn Witch Hands.

And that’s that! See, wasn’t that easy? Give them a try and let us know in the comments how they work out for you!

Happy Halloween!

Popcorn Witch Hands are a quick and easy dollar store Hallowe'en treat from GagenGirls.com

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