Amazing Announcement!

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on the blog lately. We posted some great Valentine’s Day ideas and then…nothing. “It’s been a month since Valentine’s Day, ladies,” you may be thinking.

Yes, okay, valid point, but there’s a reason I haven’t been able to do much lately…


Don’t mind our appearances. We were a bit busy being a tad emotional.

The Gagen Girls (and Mr Anderson, of course) are going to be welcoming a little one roughly around September 26, 2017.

The fun thing some of you may be noticing about this announcement is that it’s coming on Mom’s birthday. We have double the reason to celebrate today. The timing worked out so well that today is not only Mom’s birthday AND my first day into being 12 weeks along (yay!), but also coincidentally the day I had my first ultrasound.

Everything is looking good with our little one so far. No word on whether they are a girl or a boy, but that won’t come for ages (hopefully) because Mr Anderson and I want to be surprised.

Overall, we’re very excited about this new chapter in our lives! Stay tuned for some posts coming up about everything fertility, pregnancy and babies!

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