Pumpkin Patch Color Match

If your kids are learning their colors or you want to work on their matching and memory skills, this game is a fun way to practice all of those. You can make this Pumpkin Patch Color Match game with minimal supplies and it requires little space to store since it all fits inside the egg carton.

You don’t have to use pumpkins either. Head to your local dollar store and see what they have that will fit in the sections of the egg carton. You could use pompoms, plastic eggs, or many other items to make this a super inexpensive game to put together.

Egg Carton Pumpkin Patch Color Match (A Memory Game) 


Empty egg carton

Mini pumpkins (small enough to fit into each egg cup)

Glass gems (sets of 2, 6 different colors) 


Place a gem in each section of the egg carton. 

Place the pumpkins on top of the gems to hide the gems. 

Have the child pick up two pumpkins to see if there’s a color match!

If the colors match, set the pumpkins aside and continue playing until all colors are matched. 

Play the game again and move the gems around in a different order if desired.

This game is super easy to store! Just place gems in the carton and the pumpkins on top of the gems and close the carton. Store away for later use. 

*Note: Adult supervision recommended since gems are small. You could find other objects to use instead such as cut out circles of construction paper if needed.

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