Vampire Halloween Pretzels

These vampire Halloween pretzels are a fun, slightly spooky snack that your kids are going to love. Serve them as an after school treat, send in for their class on Halloween, or use for your Halloween party.

They are really quick and easy to make and only require 4 ingredients. The kids can even help you add the eyes and “teeth”!

Vampire Halloween Pretzels

Vampire Halloween Pretzels

Makes: 30 Pretzels
Prep: 20 Minutes


30 pieces pretzels
60 candy eyes
60 pieces candy corn
1 bag orange candy melts (sweet tooth fairy)


Melt the orange candy melts as directed. Using a skewer dip the pretzels into the candy melts and then place on freezer paper with the shiny side up or parchment paper.

Before the candy melts dry add on the two candy eyes for each and the two candy corn for each. I cut the top of the candy corn to fit the size pretzels I used. If the pretzels you are using are larger you may not have to cut the candy corn.

Let dry and serve!

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