Tootsie Pop Ghosts

These Tootsie Pop Ghosts are a classic around our house and in fact, I used to make them with my Kindergarten students every year too. They are really easy to make and lots of fun.

I put out things like construction paper, craft foam, and other scraps and odds and ends from our craft supplies so kids could decorate their ghosts as they pleased. They often made hats and other clothing and accessory items for them!

Tootsie Pop Ghosts

Tootsie Pop Ghosts


Tootsie Pops (any other round lollipops like Dum Dums will work too)

Tissues (or use tissue paper)



Black Sharpie Marker (or googly eyes and glue)

(Optional: paper cup(s) for displaying) 


Wrap a tissue around the Tootsie pop. Try to place it around the pop as smooth as possible (this will make it easier to draw a face on it.) 

Bring the tissue together where the pop meets the stick and tie a ribbon tightly around the tissue to form the ghost.

Cut the ribbon down to desired length.

Using the Sharpie marker, draw a ghost face on the tissue. Get creative with ghost faces!

If you’d like a way to display your ghost, turn over a paper cup and poke a hole in the cup, large enough to be able to place the Tootsie pop stick in. This will hold the ghost up. 

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