Black Flame Candle Rice Krispie Treats

If you’re a Hocus Pocus fan (we sure are!), you’re going to love these Black Flame Candle Rice Krispie Treats. Start with your own homemade Rice Krispie treats or you can use purchased ones from the store. Either way, this is a quick and easy Halloween treat.

You only need a few ingredients besides the marshmallow treats to make these – candy melts in 3 different colors and that’s it! This comes together so easily even if you don’t have much experience with decorating cakes and cookies.

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Hocus Pocus Black Flame Candle Rice Krispie Treats

Makes: 4
Prep: 20 Minutes


12 oz white candy melts
6 oz black candy melts
3 oz yellow candy melts
5 Rice Krispie treats (premade or homemade)


Melt the white candy melts as directed on package. Lay out parchment paper.

Dip four square rice krispy treats into the white candy melts and place on the parchment paper. Let dry.

Take the last Rice Krispie treat and make small flames. I roll them into a ball then press out the shape of a flame.

Melt the black candy melts as directed on the package. Dip the flames into the black candy melts then place them at the top of each candied white square. This will help them dry attached to the Rice Krispie treat.

Let dry. Melt the yellow candy melts. With a pastry brush, brush on yellow candy melts into the black to make a center of the flame.

Let dry and serve.

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