Easter Look and Find Sensory Bottle 

This Easter look and find sensory bottle is so much fun for little ones. It’s not only a lot of fun but you can work on colors, textures, shapes, and object vocabulary through this sensory bottle.

They’re really easy to make and you can easily find items to place in them at your local dollar store (I’ve also linked some from Amazon for your convenience too).

Easter look and find sensory bottle

Easter Look and Find Sensory Bottle 

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Wide mouth sensory bottle (you can also use empty Voss water bottles)

Shredded green paper

Easter Buttons and/or these Decorative Buttons


Fill the sensory bottle with the shredded paper and the buttons. Do not overfill. You’ll want the contents to move around somewhat freely.

Close the bottle well. Shake up the bottle gently.

Invite the child to explore and observe the sensory bottle, finding items like: Easter eggs, chicks, butterflies, flowers, lambs, and grass. You can talk about shapes, colors, and so much other vocabulary.

Remember that you can adapt this idea to other holidays, seasons, or themes. Just swap out the Easter items for whatever else you’d like to use.

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