Fall TV New Shows: What to See, Schedule & Skip

It’s almost that time of year again! Time to dust off your PVR, program in the premiere dates, and clear your weeknight prime-time schedule.

One of the more difficult decisions (‘difficult’ of course in the first-world problems kind of sense) is figuring out which new shows are worth space in the glory that is your TV-watching calendar. Mine is very full and detailed, but since we live in the wondrous technological age we do – with time shifting and up to eight simultaneous recording slots – I think I can make some room if the new show is deemed worthy.

Find out which shows you should see, schedule and skip this season with our preview of Fall TV New Shows @ GagenGirls.com

Fall TV New Shows

I have done my research; I have read reviews, plot outlines and cast lists. Now I have firmly sorted out which shows I’m anxiously waiting to have premiere

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