Lemon Cloud Dough

This lemon cloud dough is light and fluffy and so much fun to play with. You can leave it as is or add in small items to allow children to interact with them as well as the dough. We’ve used small lemon shaped buttons but there are plenty of other add-ins you could use instead.

The dough is a pretty bright lemony color and with the added scent to it, it’s an experience for all the senses. Your kids will love playing with this cloud dough and it can be helpful when used as a quiet, calming activity as well.

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lemon scented cloud dough

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Lemon Cloud Dough 

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Supplies needed:

2 cups cornstarch

1 cup white conditioner 

Yellow food coloring

Lemon resin flatback buttons – please use caution if adding small items like these buttons. Children must be supervised at all times so that they don’t put any of them in their mouths as they would be a choking hazard. If your child is under 4 or has issues with putting items in their mouth, eliminate the buttons or find larger objects to use instead.

Mixing bowl


Plastic mat 

Optional: lemon scented oil

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Add the cornstarch to the mixing bowl. 

Pour in the conditioner. 

Mix well until combined. The outcome of the dough should be a smooth, soft, and silky texture and not sticky. If you get a mixture that is too sticky, add 1 tablespoon of corn starch to the mixture and mix well. Continue this step until you get the desired texture. 

Add 10-20 drops of yellow food coloring and mix well until you get an even yellow color to the dough. Add desired amount of the lemon scented oil for slime. 

Remove the dough from the bowl and shape into a ball, using the plastic mat to protect your work space.

Add the lemon buttons to the dough. 

Allow the child to engage with the dough! Observe what he or she does while working with the dough. 

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